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login shows as Administrator not my username

Logitec Camera Lag.need New Codecs?

Logitech keyboard not working with windows 10

Logon Screen Problem

Long boot time after malware removal

Long boot times

Long Print delay and cannot reinstall printer drivers

long start up time

Long Time Loading Files

Look for Adaware setting when running it on XP.

Look Out for Fake Windows 8 Downloads

Looking For A Program

Looking for Per-Application sound device control.

Looking for some programs.

Looks like i have very bad malware / viruses access denied files

Looks suspicious: WinSecMonitor says updates disabled

Lose 10GB after JRT cleaning

Losing an alarming amount of packets after Windows Update

Losing internet connection after installing Windows 10

Losing Net Connection - Usb Problem?

Losing Sound after bootup

Loss of Adminstrative rights after loading programs to computer

Loss of mouse control following Windows 7 reload.

Loss Of Sound After System Reboot

Lost & Found? For Windows 10

Lost 20 GB in the past week

Lost Admin Controls

lost admin rights

lost administrator privileges

Lost Administrative Controls

Lost Admin Right.

Lost Admin Account

Lost Administrative Rights and PC is full of bugs

Lost Administrator User Group Help?

lost all my desktop files

Lost All My files today

Lost all network connections and can not perform restore point

Lost all programs

Lost audio in speakers

Lost control of taskbar

Lost desktop and system tray

lost files and desktop

Lost get windows 10 icon

Lost My Administrator Rights On My Computer

lost my administrative privileges

Lost my desk top and start menu icons and short cuts

Lost my start page and then some

Lost Of Administrator

lost some windows ?

Lost sound after a computer crash

Lost some admin rights?

Lost Start Button

Lost Sound Driver

Lost User Account - System Admin

lost windows audio

Lost Video Playback Abilities

Lost windows live mail messages after upgrading to windows 10.

Lost/missing User Account

Lots of (not responding) and continuous disc activity . . .

lots of system file please

Low Sound @ 100

Low Sound Issues

Low resolution on new pc

low wireless net signal after upgrading?

Lspfix Problem

maccsnet.tmp BSOD cyclic reboot - rootkit?

Machine Crashed - will not boot

Machine Hangs [memory leak?] & Cannot Restore

Machine Lock up

made a new user account for my computer created problems

Magnification selector in lower task bar

Mail setup on 7

Major lag but no known spyware/malware

make a live usb with rufus but not bootable

Make taskbar gone

making a short cut key

Making grandmother's computer easier for her to use

making notepad ++ the default

making dvd from pc to dvd

Malewarebytes removed problem but something needs tweaking

malware - can not access the internet using chrome or IE

Malware and a computer that won't come out of hibernation

Malware Freezes Taskbar And Desktop

Malware causing freezing

Malware is redirecting my internet searches to different web pages/The program is blocking ad-aware and other removal programs

Malware removed admin permissions on my Win Vista PC

Malware that just won't die WINDOWS 10

Malware using excess bandwidth

malware/windows lockups

Malwarebytes does not like Kaspersky?

Malwarebytes products are now officially compatible with Windows 10

Manage Wireless Networks

Mandatory Windows 10 Home updates: The good

Many issues since reinstalling - Blinking Screen

Many issues all of a sudden. Total freeze up

Many Processes Running In The Background

Massive Boot Problems

Massive slowdown after switching anti-virus programs

Master Reboot Record virus?. asked to post here now

Maxed Out Cpu And Memory

May have killed my OS by shredding 2 software drivers

MBAM Missing - Desktop Background Blue

MBR Hack Unknown Type

McAfee and firewall turn themselves off at startup

McAfee and Windows update dosnt work

McAfee Disabled after start up

McAfee firewall wont start

Mcafee Not Removed Correctly

McAfee or Windows Defender?

McAfee Security On Windows 8 - Is It neccessary?

Mcafee Update Won't Install If Spybot S&d Present

McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise 7.1.0 and Windows Alert

McAfee won't fix or update

McAfee woes

Media Players & Network Sharing Service Failed

Memory Leak Issue with utorrent

Memory usage high

Mempry down to 10% in my laptop

Messed Up Computer In Services

Metro tiles Bug

Mic Gets Muted

Mic/Cam is not recognized by USB port?

Micorsft Update prevent Internet Connection

Microphone +20dB Boost keeps turning OFF by itself

Microsoft Antispyware- Enough?

Microsoft Browser And Aol Browser Gone Awry

Microsoft Crashed My Computer

Microsoft compares features across Windows 10 Home

Microsoft explains what you?ll lose by upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft Office 2010 issue

microsoft one drive( uninstall?)

Microsoft releases tool to block unwanted updates (Just in

Microsoft releases Security Advisory 2718704

Microsoft Program To Battle Spyware Has Some Flaws

Microsoft says it's illegal to use the hack for Win 7 Upgrade

Microsoft security essentials cpu at 100%

Microsoft spying

Microsoft updates gone crazy

Microsoft Updates Windows Without Users' Consent

Microsoft Vm Update Loop

Microsoft wants you to pay $15 for DVD playback in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade: 10 more of your questions answered

Microsoft: Windows 10 will save you 15GB in storage

MicrosoftFixit made it worse - Computer unable to stream now

Microsoft's third Windows 10 cumulative update said to fix Store issues

Microsoft's optimistic best case for Windows 10

Migrating my HD to a new HD

Minecraft freezes in Windows 10

Mini dump

Mini wifi device driver not recognize

Minidump file

Missing all files and folders in My Documents

Missing audio drivers.

Missing Desktop and Taskbar Icons Slow CPU

Missing drivers after Windows 10 to 7 downgrade

Missing files keep popping up in 1 user account?

Missing icon images on desktop. Black icons sometimes show up. 100% cpu usage while watching vids or using adobe AIR player.

Missing Icons & Start Bar when turned on.

Missing Network Files

Missing Programs

Missing Power Options

Missing RAM

Missing Sound Driver

Missing Start Menu Shortcuts

Missing System Files (and other problems?)

Missing toolbar after virus activity

Missing Uer Accounts and system files

Missing User Accounts

Missing user account

Missing Video Card After Dvd Restoration

Missing Windows Programs

Modding Vista

Modding Xp

Monitor sleeps much earlier than it is set to in Power Options

More Restart Issues

Most Applications won't work

Most of my programs and settings wont work

Mouse & Internet Disabled Suddenly - Virus?

Mouse activates without clicking

Mouse and Keyboard Issues Please help

Mouse and internet defective after installing Realtek update

Mouse Button/keyboard Problem.

mouse clicks by itself. virus? help please

Mouse cursor auto jumps to top right corner of screen and clicks

Mouse Device Settings Not Staying Set

Mouse Freezes Then Pc Crashes

Mouse jumps and closes current window

Mouse Pointer Slow And/or Sticking

Mouse Pointer Turns to Busy--Upper-left Part of Desktop

Mouse pointer jumps erratically and mouse clicking inoperative

Mouse Settings Will Not Stay Changed.

Mouse/keyboard staggering and cpu running hard at idle

Moving on to Win 7.

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