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Looks like Rootkits

Malisicious Rootkit Activity

Malignant virus or rootkit

Malware & Rootkit Infection? Don't know what I have.

Malware Defense Virus caused probable Rootkit

Malware issue with rootKit activity

Malware or Rootkit Has Got Me Down

Malware Removal Request (rootkit)

Malware Woes: TD3 ROOTKIT Variant

Malware/Rootkit problem

Malware/Rootkit infection; possible multiple

Malware/suspected rootkit activivity

Malware/Virus/Rootkit possibility

Malware/Virus/Rootkit/Bootkit retaliation

Massive Rootkit infection .

Max++ Rootkit infection help

May still be infected with rootkit

McAfee removed ZeroAccess (or did it?)

Mega problems cleaning rootkit/malware

Memory issue; possibly a rootkit?

Moderator says several rootkits infecting

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